App Management
Manage, customize, and develop apps via the apps tab
In the apps tab you are able to view all of the apps on your Middle instance. Within the app you'll have the data that is capable of being synced and the actions that can be performed in this app. Apps can be edited and created all from the developer dashboard. All coding to grab data and push out of Middle is done in Python.
Apps are managed on an instance-by-instance basis. That means that if you add an app to your Middle installation it will only be visible to you, unless you'd like it to be publicly available to others. With that said, the app management page has links to download a zip file of your app and to upload an app.
The app page also provides you with a graph of that apps recent activity, allowing you the ability to quickly identify if there are any big issues with this app's performance.
You can click into any of your apps to view or edit the app's authentication settings, data structure, syncs, and actions. Or, click to create an app and begin building a brand new integration in-browser.
Last modified 2mo ago
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