Name your app and provide description information via the Settings page
For any new app, you will want to fill out the settings page to first, name the app, but also to provide any valuable notes regarding the system your are integrating to our the app your are building. If you plan to make your new app public, adding good notes are important for people to understand the purpose of the app.
You are able to toggle on or off whether or not an app is visible to your Middle installation's accounts. There are three levels of app visibility: hidden, public, and whitelisted. For an app to have whitelisted visibility please reach out to [email protected] Necessitating an app to be whitelisted is valuable when you have given access to a Middle account outside of your organization and you may not want an app to have universal access due to sensitive authentication.
Apps will have a representative icon in Middle. Using a hex value, such as #FFFFFF, you will need to input the color for this icon via the Settings page.
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