What Can You Do With the Data?
Use workflows to connect and automate your data
Once your data is in Middle, you can use workflows to perform automations. Workflows allow you to construct logic and then setup actions that touch other systems. When Middle syncs data it tracks changes to the record, allowing you to create workflows that only run when a record has been discovered or updated by Middle. Workflows can also be scheduled.
A Middle workflow that completes one of two actions depending on the logic constructed
Workflows are typically setup to begin on a record type. Using a logic tree and visual programming interface, this data can be filtered using decision nodes. Middle's parameters and relational data storage give you the power to build out the logic outcomes you need. Finally, you can use actions to push out of Middle. Actions can do anything from updating user data to applying a credit to a customer's account to fetching data. If there is an endpoint for it, a Middle action can handle it. Workflows unlock your ability to say yes and avoid burdening your development team with new projects.
Building logic within a decision node using Middle's workflow parameters
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