Why is the Data Stored?
Middle stores data so that you can build powerful automations
Data is stored in Middle in a relational format. This means that you can connect your data together to build logic and perform powerful calculations. When Middle grabs a record, such as a class attendance, you can reference the associated client, class type, or instructor by using the data stored in Middle.
Say if you want to see all the purchases Middle has ever synced for an individual, you can look at the client's data and then select an array of all the sales Middle has synced for that individual.
A synced user record and their related data
Stored data also provides you with the tools to troubleshoot your automations. If one of your workflows fail, you can look up the data the workflow was supposed to perform on, review what happened, and then re-run the workflow after you've fixed the issue.
While you are able to search your stored data via the account portal, you can't directly export stored data out of Middle.
Manually executing a workflow on a sale record
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