Where Does Data Come From?
Sync your data easily using a Middle App
Middle Apps are the medium in which syncs are managed and data is ingested. Apps authenticate with other systems, sync data, store data, and contain workflow actions. Within an app you are able to add data syncs, customize data syncs, and manage which syncs are running.
Typically, Middle gets data by querying an API, but Middle can also get data through a direct database connection or a file transfer protocol. Middle apps handle a variety of authentications, including OAuth flows, API keys, and admin credentials.
Middle features three different ways to sync data:
  • Complete Transfers - Grab all the data available from an endpoint or external resource.
  • Primary Key Lookups - Request data for a specific record using a primary identifier.
  • Recent Record Updates - Syncs data from a past datetime range.
Apps feature a data schema in which data is synced and stored. For example, with an eCommerce platform, you'd expect to see a data schema that features the following record types: customers, invoices, and products. Using primary IDs between the different records, you can connect this data together. You could begin a workflow on an invoice record, reference the customer, and perform decisions based on the product that was purchased. You can even look at a customer and then connect to an array of all the invoices Middle has synced for that individual.
Control what data you sync from an app
Apps are the foundation of your Middle account. There is no limit on how many apps you can connect. Combined with the customizability afforded by the developer portal, Middle apps provide you with the power to integrate the systems you need.
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