Learn how to get a Mindbody API key and connect with a new site ID

When connecting Mindbody in your Middle organization, you will need to complete the following:

Attaining an API key

To connect with Mindbody's API, you'll need an API key. Either you will need to use the API key of a Mindbody facility owner or you will need to use your own. If you've never set up an API key or connected with Middle before, you will need to create a Mindbody developer account and work with Mindbody support (support@mindbodyonline.com) to get an API key

Entering your API key into Middle

For use by workspaces in your Middle instance, enter your API key in the API Keys section of your Middle instance's Mindbody account under the payload field.

Site-specific activation code

Below are instructions from the Mindbody website to retrieve the site-specific activation code and then activate the activation code.

Retrieve code

  1. In the upper right corner, click Log In.

  2. Enter your username and password and click Log in.

  3. On the top right, click Account.

  4. On the left sidebar, click Site activation.

  5. Enter the Site ID of the business with which you are integrating.

  6. Mindbody then generates and returns a site-specific activation code and an activation link. If you want to automate steps 5-7, you can generate the code and link within your application by calling the GetActivationCode endpoint.

Activate code

There are several ways that the owner can activate your access to site data:

  1. You can email the activation link to the business owner. Ask the owner to click the link, then log in to his or her Mindbody site using the owner account. If successful, the owner sees a page titled Integrating with Mindbody’s API that has a green checkmark on the right side.

  2. Alternatively, you can email the activation code to the owner and ask them to enter the code on the API Integration page of his or her site. This page is located under Manager Tools > Mindbody Add Ons > API Integrations.

  3. You can also refer the owner to the Mindbody support article that covers the owner’s part of this process

Authenticating a Mindbody connection

You can only connect one Mindbody site ID per location. This means that if you are connecting more than one Mindbody site to a Middle account, you'll need to add multiple Mindbody apps. If you want all of those sites to feed into the same workflow, you can do so by creating multiple triggers, one for each Mindbody connection, that all point to the same workflow.

If a site is authorized to be accessed by your Mindbody API key, you should just have to enter your the Mindbody site ID and use your public API source credentials, found in your Mindbody Developer portal on your account API credentials page.

When using source crendials you will need to prefix an underscore at the beginning of the username. For example, if your username was Middle, you'd enter _Middle.

You can also use the username and password of a Mindbody admin user with access to the site you are authenticating.

Mindbody Visits

The endpoint used to sync visits from Mindbody uses Mindbody's SOAP API. Authentication for SOAP API endpoints requires you to use source credentials. Middle's Mindbody app authentication has two form fields for these: sourcename and source_password. For these, do not include an underscore before your source name.

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