ABC Ignite

Learn how to connect ABC Fitness Solutions to Middle

Become an API client

To connect with ABC Fitness Solutions you will need an API business relationship with ABC. You can sign up on their API site.

Get whitelisted

Once set up as an API client with ABC, you will need to be whitelisted for any clubs you want to connect to. Work with ABC to get whitelisted.

Connect in Middle

Go ahead and create a new ABC Fitness connection to authenticate.

Create a formatted club list

You will need to format a list of all the clubs you want to connect as such clubNumber/ timezone. The timezone should reflect what ABC has set for the club. The timezone should be formatted to match the tz database format.

Sometimes ABC locations default to US/Central. If you notice that recent record poll syncs aren't picking up data, it might be that you have the timezone incorrect.

Here is an example of a formatted club list:

4372, US/Eastern 2347, US/Eastern 0436, US/Central 2345, US/Pacific

Only include leading zeros in club IDs to make the club ID four digits

Fetch your ABC Fitness Solutions client credentials

You will need to log into your ABC API client portal and then go to API Keys. There, you will need the Application ID and an Application Key.

Entering your credentials

You have to enter your formatted club list twice to help protect your credentials. With Middle's authentication, you cannot add a new club to the connection without re-entering your API credentials. This ensures that bad actors can't hijack your credentials to sync data from clubs that shouldn't be connected to the given account. The example list is for you to reference what clubs are connected and to copy it the next time you need to authenticate.

To test the authentication's success, it's helpful to go to the ABC app you just connected and run an ad-hoc sync.

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