Creating a Gmail OAuth App in Your Google Organization

Please follow these instructions to set up your Gmail app and credentials:

This Gmail integration is only configured for Internal emails. If you have an existing project with an OAuth consent configured to external, please consider creating a new Google Project to connect this email to.

  1. Create a Google Cloud Project. It’s recommended that you create a unique Google Cloud project for this integration.

  2. Navigate to the home screen (you can get here by clicking Google Cloud at the top)

  1. Click APIs & Services

  2. Ensure Gmail API is in the list

  3. If not, add it using + Enable API & Services and search for Gmail API.

  4. Complete the app registration form (app name, app contact)

  5. Add an authorized domain:

  6. Click Save and Continue

Connecting an Email to a Middle Account

Once a Middle developer finishes setting up your credentials, you will be able to connect an email address to your Gmail integration.

It is recommended that you create a Google user/email account within your Google Organization that can be used for this use case. The Gmail address that connects to your Middle account connection will be the one that is used to send emails. If you opted to sync emails as well, this would be the same email address.

Once that account is created, you can set up the connection through Middle.

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