Get credentials to use Middle's OpenAI integration

Open AI uses an API key to authenticate all of its calls. You will need to obtain this API key from your OpenAi account and then enter it in the API keys section of your Middle organization's OpenAI app.

  1. Log into OpenAI and click API (

  2. Click on the user icon in the upper-right and click View API keys

  3. Either create or copy an existing key

  4. Got to the API key section of your OpenAI app and create a new key

  5. Enter your OpenAI API key in the Payload, resembling the following JSON:

{"api_key": "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"}

The API key will be available when you create an OpenAI connection.

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