Connect Shopify using a custom app

There are two ways developers can integrate with Shopify: as an app in the Shopify app marketplace or via a custom app. Currently, Middle does not meet Shopify's requirements to facilitate a connection in the app marketplace. Because of this, unless you have an approved Shopify partner app, you'll need to use custom apps to connect to Shopify via Middle.

Connecting with a custom app

Custom apps live at the Shopify store level and are created and configured by a Shopify store admin. You will need to create a custom app for each of the stores you need to connect.

The below instructions explain how a Shopify admin can create a custom app:

Enter these credentials as an API key in the Shopify app in your Middle instance. The format should resemble the following:

"client_id":  "XXXXXXXX",
"client_secret": "XXXXXXXX",
"personal_store_token": "XXXXXXXX"

Repeat the above steps for any other stores.

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