Authenticating an app

Apps are the foundation of your Middle account

An app is an integration or connector between Middle and another system. When an app is connected to an account it provides the ability to sync data and perform actions back into that app via workflows. When you click into an app you will be able to manage the app's syncs, the integration authentication, and review the app's sync history.

Creating a new connection

To connect a new app, go into a Middle account click "+ New App Connection" in the left-hand menu under "APP CONNECTIONS." You will get a list of available apps in your organization. You are able to select any one of these to connect.

If you don't see an app you need, reach out to the Middle team at They will either need to set up your organization with access to this app or it's an integration that has not been developed yet in Middle. You can add as many apps as you need to an account.


When you connect a new app to an account, you will be taken to the Connection Details page to authenticate. If you are re-authenticating an existing app, you'll want to click into that app connection and then click Edit Connection.

The Connection Details page features an authorization form that you will need to complete to connect. Middle is able to handle a variety of authentications, including OAuth and API keys. Within the Connection Details page, you'll have the ability to select which version of an app you'd like to use. Middle's developer portal allows for versioning as an app is updated. In general, you will want to have the most up-to-date version selected.

You can access the App Connection page anytime by clicking on the app and then "Edit Connection Details."

Some apps require steps outside of Middle. If you are having trouble authenticating an app reference the app authentication guide or reach out to

Test the connection

When you first connect and authenticate an app, it's a good idea to run an ad-hoc sync to test the connection. Remember that these syncs won't run unless you enable syncs on the main account page.

Updating a connection

An app's authentication can be updated anytime by clicking on the connection and then clicking "Edit Connection Details." You will then be taken back to the authentication form, where you'll be able to enter new credentials, re-run an OAuth flow, or change any other parameters necessary for connection.

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