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Stored records

Review, troubleshoot, or delete your data


You can review and search data that has been synced into Middle by clicking Records next to any of your synced record types. You are free to search any of the fields in the search panel or click on a record to view the record's associated activities at a business, any past iterations of these records, and a history of workflows that were run on the record.
Search your data by any of the fields provided


Manual workflow executions can be run via record pages. These executions can be executed en masse by selecting workflows from a list or by selecting an entire data set. If you are reviewing a specific record, you are also able to execute a workflow to run manually on that record via the Execute Workflow dropdown menu.
Select which records you'd like to manually run a workflow on

Delete a record

Middle allows you to manually delete individual records or set up automated data deletion of stale records. To delete an individual record by checking off the record or records you'd like to delete and selecting Delete. This wipes the record from your Middle instance. Please note that this data can be synced and stored again in Middle if it has not been deleted in the source app.