Learn how to add your team and scope access to your Middle instance
Middle allows you to provide organization-wide access to users or limit a user's access level to just an individual account or app. There are three different types of users in Middle:
  • Owners - Have full reign of an organization, including all accounts and apps. Owners have the ability to create new apps and new accounts. To add a new owner to your organization reach out to [email protected]
  • Account Users - Have access to an individual account. Account users can have full access to an account or read-only access. Account users can be added via the Users page in the left-hand menu of an account. When you add a brand new user they will be sent an invitation email.
  • App Developers - Can view and develop on an individual app. To add an app developer click Team in the left-hand menu of an app in the developer portal.
Last modified 2mo ago
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