Elements of an app
Create new apps and fork existing ones in Middle's developer portal
While Middle features a number of pre-built integrations, it's possible that there will be an integration you need that doesn't yet exist in Middle or an existing app that you would like to edit or expand upon. When this happens, Middle allows you to use the developer portal to build that integration in-browser and with open sourced connectors, you are able to make any change you'd like to an app.
There are four elements to an app in Middle:
  • Authentication defines what's needed for an app to work and gain authorization to access the systems you are integrating with
  • Record types are data synced into Middle, I.E. Middle's inputs
  • Actions are typically Middle's "Outputs": how data flows out of Middle
  • Code packages are referencable by your record sync and action code to open libraries, use functions, etc., and not have to repeatedly embed this in your code
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