Test connections
Add app connections to test your developments
Manage your test connection from the app sidebar
When developing an app Middle you can test your developments using test connections all from one dashboard. They are great for making sure that you setup your authentication correctly and testing your scripts. The option to test will appear at the bottom of the coding window. When you click to test your script, an invocation will be run, and you will be provided with the results of the test. If the test fails you'll get an error. If the test succeed you'll receive a success response.
There are options to test your developments at the bottom of the script window
A successful test invocation

Creating a new test connection

You can set up your test connection in the Test Connections section of the sidebar. When you click to create a new test connect you will be prompted to select which auth config you would like to use. Once you've selected the auth config you will be taken to an authentication page and you will need to set up a connection just like you would on the account side. When you completed the authentication form your test connection is ready to go.
Selecting which type of authentication you'd like to setup a test connection for
Filling out the authentication form
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