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Testing your apps

Add app connections to test your developments
Now that you’ve created your authentication configuration, record types/poll syncs, and actions, you can utilize Middle’s testing feature.

Test Connections

Your Middle app will allow you to build a Test Connection based on your defined authentication schema. This is also a great way to view the same form that will be filled out when someone connects an Account to this app.
Click + CREATE and choose an Auth Configuration to set up your connection.
Create a connection to use for your app's testing
Here you can select the connection version, select an API Key (if applicable), and fill out any fields required by your authentication schema.
Setting up a test connection
Fill out the fields and hit Save in order to set up your test connection.
You can create multiple test connections, although only one may be active at a time for a version.
When working with a script, you can use the Test Settings dropdown to select a Test Connection.
Select your test connection to execute your script on
For actions or poll syncs that require a payload, you can provide a JSON dictionary within the test settings.
Define an input for a test
Once a Test Connection is selected, you can click Run Test to test your script.