Upload scripts

Bypass in-browser scripts by uploading your code to Middle

So far, we’ve discussed editing scripts within Browser Mode. However, Middle can also support Upload Mode, which would allow you to upload package for each individual poll sync or action as needed.

Upload Mode can be useful if you are working with helper packages that are very large, such as Google. The Code Package section does not support very large files, while Upload Mode can handle a zipped file up to 250 MB, uncompressed.

At the bottom of a script, you can click Swap To Upload Mode to access this feature.

First, download the compressed script package. You can then modify the aspects of this folder:

  • index.py (do not edit)

  • app.py (edit this file with your Python script)

You can upload any additional files needed to this downloaded script package, and then re-upload the package as a zipped file.

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