Create and deploy new versions of your Middle app

Middle allows you to have multiple versions of your app. Versions are important to make you feel comfortable developing and testing on an app so you don't accidentally break something on the app's live version. Different versions of an app can be used by different accounts across your instance.

Create the first version of an app

When you create a new app, you will want to create the first version of the app. To do this you'll click to the Manage Versions menu and then click to create a new version of this app. You are able to assign this version any number, but since it's the first it's best to give it the version number 1.0.0.

Adding a new version

When you are ready to develop a new version of your app you will want to create a new version and then migrate developments from a previous version. Once you've created the new version, click Copy settings... on the app version you'd like to migrate developments from and then select the new version from the Chosen target version dropdown. You will then see a list of authentications, poll syncs, actions, and code packages you can migrate over.

Once your new version of the app is ready to go live, you will want to toggle it on. This doesn't mean that your accounts will start using this version of the app. You will need to switch over your instances connections to the new version. You are able to change which version of an app an account connection is using by changing the version on an account-by-account basis or you can change the version over for all account connections in your instance by clicking Migrate connections...

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