What is a Middle installation?

Take charge of your integrations and automations with your own Middle installation

A Middle installation is your own siloed tech stack where your Middle apps, data, and automations live. Your Middle installation will have its subdomain (yourbusiness.middle.app). With a Middle installation, you get your own storage, integration server, search server, and AWS Lambda duration. This allows you to pay for the hardware you need, keeps your data separate from other Middle clients, and avoids the noisy neighbor effect on your syncs and automations.

Predictable pricing

You are not charged for how many tasks you run in Middle. Instead, you pay for your instance's capabilities. You're encouraged to perform as many syncs and actions as your instance can handle. When you need a bigger instance, you can always upgrade.

Take ownership over your apps

Within a Middle installation you are able to manage, customize, and build apps via the developer portal. If you want to keep any of your app developments private, you are able to do so. The apps you develop within your installation are yours and you can determine whether they are available to other Middle clients. Any apps developed by Middle and made public by Middle are available for you to use and edit on your installation.


Middle installations allow you to have as many accounts as you need. If you have multiple clients or brands in Middle, each one can get its own Middle account within your installation. This allows you to have multiple buckets in which data and workflows can be separated and managed accordingly. User access can then be scoped to these individuals' accounts instead of providing users access to your entire instance.

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