What is Middle?
Connect and automate your data with Middle
Middle is a cloud-based integration and automation platform. Using Middle you can easily integrate, ingest data, and then run workflows to perform actions in other systems. Middle also allows you to easily create new integrations and customize existing integrations all within Middle's developer portal.


Connections between Middle and other systems are represented by apps. A Middle app syncs and stores data in a relational format. Apps also contain actions, that generally use an API endpoint, to perform a PUT or a POST in another system. Actions can do anything from updating user data to triggering an event.
Middle allows you to manage all your integrations, syncs, and data via one dashboard. There is no limit to the number of integrations you can have on one account.


With workflows, non-developers are empowered to build automations that connect your apps. Workflows feature a visual scripting interface that negates the need to code. Workflows typically ingest data, filter data, and then push out of Middle to perform actions all within a simple logic tree.
Since these automations are important to your business, Middle provides your team with the tools to troubleshoot and monitor issues. This takes the guesswork and development time out of looking into why an integration is not operating as intended.
Automate processes using workflows


While Middle features a number of pre-built integrations, the platform provides you with the flexibility to build the integrations you need. In the developer portal you can build new integrations and make changes to Middle's existing integrations all within your browser. There's no need to download an SDK. All coding done in Middle is in Python script. When you add a new integration via the developer portal, it is automatically integrated with all other apps in Middle.
Code in-browser to develop data syncs and actions
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